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Wrestling Reports


Wrestling Reports
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Last Thursdays show in detail:
  Last thursday was a great show because qwest always gets the job

Please come back to this page soon!

Eric Bishoff -0
Stone Cold Steve Austin- 100% of woop ass

Who besides me thinks The Rock has got to go? How could he not decide to wrestle or make movies? Doesn't Vince have any faith in his own players?

Don't get me started on Bishoff, either. How much is this guy making? How long can he keep using that "my mechanics are off" excuse?

Thank goodness for vince, at least, which was the only thing that even kept the fans in line for a good ppv NO WAY OUT.
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Heroes and Goats

In this area, I might mention the wrestlers who most distinguished themselves in yesterday's event, both in good and bad ways.

I might also rate on a scale of 1-10 the wrestlers performance in the game and suggest areas that I think need improvement.